TACKDG Cat Treat Dispenser Toys Interactive Kitten Puzzle Toy Infoor for Cats Kitten Food Dispensing Balls Kitty Feeding Puzzles Treats Feeder Ball Pet Birthday Gift

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  • [A product with the American local brand and the patented appearance] Different from any cat toy on the market, it sets entertainment, puzzle, food dispensing and other functions in one, to amuse cats, to help your baby to pass the boring time, bringing you and you cat pleasure and happiness.
  • [A Wobble Sway Tumbler] The toy adopts the design of tumbler, which can swing to all angles without tipping over. On the top, there is a long teaser stick with the cat ball. The long stick is made of high toughness material, bending resistance, and will not fall out easily. When the tumbler is shaking, the ball will follow the shake, which can arouse the cat's hunting instinct to touch and catch, to give the cat pleasure and fitness.
  • [Get snacks by playing] The toy has food leakage function. When the cat shakes the toy, the food will leak out of the two bottom holes. The food dispensing rate can be adjusted or completely closed by the side switch, which controls the holes. By playing with the toy, provoking cats physical and mental activity, and get snack rewards through play, boosting cats IQ and brain development.
  • [Safe material and appearance design] Made of FOOD-GRADE ABS and PC, contains no bisphenol A, PVC or phthalates. It is completely safe for your cat to use. With round appearance and rounded corners, effectively prevent cats scratching themselves during play, also effectively extend the service life of the toy.
  • [Perfect after-sales service] Cats have diverse personalities like we people, extroverted or introverted; when they get the gift, you need to teach them to play and have a good time together. ANY problem with the toy, we offer the lifelong warranty, just click "Contact us" and we will refund you in full.

Color: Orange

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TACKDG Cat Treat Dispenser Toys Interactive Kitten Puzzle Toy Infoor for Cats Kitten Food Dispensing Balls Kitty Feeding Puzzles Treats Feeder Ball Pet Birthday Gift

TACKDG Cat Treat Dispenser Toys Interactive Kitten Puzzle Toy Infoor for Cats Kitten Food Dispensing Balls Kitty Feeding Puzzles Treats Feeder Ball Pet Birthday Gift


TACKDG Cat Treat Dispenser Toys Interactive Kitten Puzzle Toy Infoor for Cats Kitten Food Dispensing Balls Kitty Feeding Puzzles Treats Feeder Ball Pet Birthday Gift

Color: Orange

Have you ever thought your cat prefers to be alone because of some aloof behavior? If you think so, you are mistaken! In fact, your cat needs more attention and companionship than you might think. If you're not always around for your cat, she can become frustrated, bored, and even anxious. So if you find that when you were not at home, it had such behaviors as scratching, or mood swings, or always walking up and down, so please be alert that your cat could have separation anxiety, which if not timely treated, may cause greater harm to her physical and mental health! If you're troubled with this, then you need to increase her happiness at home alone to ease her separation anxiety -- nothing better than toys! This toy is different from any of the leakage toys on the market. It sets entertainment, education, training and other functions in one, which is a real toy that can let cats amuse themselves. It can help your baby to kill the boring time, and totally relieve the boring and anxious mood.

The cat named Zola in the picture is the first "user" of this product. It is the cat of my brother Jagger who used to show me how much Zola loved him. But one time he was on business trip, I helped him feed Zola, and I realized that things might not be looking so good --Zola was so afraid of me that he refused to come out from under the sofa and even refused to eat the food Jagger put for him before he left. This is not a good phenomenon. I think Zola has appeared separation anxiety. So the second time I went to Jagger's house, I brought his newly designed toy to Zola, who was still scared of me, but it was clear that the wobbly toy had caught his eye, Driven by his nature, Zola quickly enjoyed playing with the toy and the increased exercise made him full of appetite for the snacks inside the toy. When Jagger came back I talked to him about the seriousness of the situation and gave the toy to them. Jagger decided to spend more time with Zola, and when he wasn't at home, he let the toy accompany Zola. Now Zola's situation has greatly improved and he is a sensible and intelligent kitten again! Cats' mental health needs the same attention as their physical health. We hope our product can help your cats have a happy mind and a healthy body!


The toy adopts the design of a tumbler, which can swing to all angles without tipping over. No matter how the cat fiddles it, the toy will not roll over and fall down, which not only makes it safer for the cat to play, but also increases the fun of playing. The built-in self-balancing system makes the toy wobble only when it is touched by external forces. There is no need for electric power to drive the toy. This energy-saving and good for the environment design also ensures that the toy can be used for a long time. There is a ball with a pole on top of the toy called cat-teasing ball . When the tumbler wobbles, the ball will follow the toy to shake, which can attract the cat to touch and catch it. The long pole is made of high toughness material with bending resistance, will not fall off easily. Using this toy regularly not only helps your cat pass the time, but also relieves their boredom and anxiety!


Looking at the development of pet toys over the years, it is not difficult to find that toys that allow pets to get rewards through playing have always been the most popular products on the pet toy market for both pets and their owners. Meanwhile, the way that pets get food rewards by playing with toys benefits to the intellectual development of pets.

Unlike other food dispensing toys on the market, this toy has a transparent granary inside. You need to unscrew the top lid so to put in cats’ favorite treats, such as dried snacks or cat food. The top lid won't be opened or scratched by cats. The transparent shell also gives you a clearer view of the amount of food available, making it easier to plan a more scientific and healthy diet for your cat. When the cat shakes the toy, food will leak out from he two holes at the bottom of, which can be adjusted by the switch on the toy side to open one or two holes to control the speed of food leakage; holes can also be turned off by the switch, and are compatible with most food sizes!

We designed a ‘labyrinth of damping columns’ inside the granary, and as the toys shook, the food had to pass through layers of barriers to leak out through the food dispensing holes. Under the double control of the damping columns and the holes, not only the food leaking speed is controlled, but also the time and difficulty of "hunting" is greatly increased, which can effectively avoid the indigestion caused by eating too fast, so that the cat can play and eat more healthily!


The product adopts self-balancing design with a semicircular sphere bottom, which enables the toy to be used not only on smooth scenes such as wood floors and marble floors, but also on non-smooth surfaces such as carpets and cat nests where cats can play happily. You can use this toy on any surface to make it a true companion for your cat all the time!

We recommend that when a new toy arrives home, you can guide your cat and play with him for a period of time. Everyday, only 20 to 30 minutes of playing with your cat will not only enhance the fun of keeping a cat and make your cat love you more, but also help your lovely prevent depression caused by lack of companionship.


Product specifications (Please note that the main part does not include the teaser stick and the cat ball )

Frame height: 4.92 ins

Maximum diameter: 3.94 ins

Weight: 1.34 pounds

The product is made of safe ABS+PC material, strong and resistant to scratch and bite. We also designed the toy with round and rounded corners, which not only prevents cats from scratching themselves during playtime, but also extends the life of the toy. Soft plastic rod is made of special bending resistant material, high flexibility and not easy to break, and can withstand all kinds of thrashing and destroying by cats. The toy as a whole does not have tiny parts, which is to protect the cat from swallowing them while playing. You can rest assured to let the cat play!


  • What if the buckle is not firmly installed?


You need to use some strength in the installation, and press the soft rubber rod towards the toy until the buckle is firmly attached to the toy and the ball. We recommend that you use your hands to check if the soft rod is firmly installed before using it on your cat, making sure the buckle is working. We have a video to solve this problem in the product details for you to watch and refer to.


  • What if your cat isn't interested in toys?


Just as we people who are introverted or extroverted, cats are as diverse character as humans. Your baby may be an extroverted and passionate kitten, or it may be an introverted and restrained lovely who is calm and slow to warm. So if your cat doesn't show special interest when he first sees the toy, it could be due to personality. We suggest you leave the toy where your cat usually stays and give him some time to get used to it. Trust me, it only takes 4 to5 days for your cat to love this toy, and if you often interact with him by using this toy, it will make him love you even more!