TACKDG 2nd Cats Treasure Chest Cat Puzzle Toy for Kitty Brain Stimulation Toys Kitten Food Treat Puzzles Feeder Dispenser Track Balls Mind Mental Stimulation Interactive Indoor

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Difficulty: Level 2 IN 1

UPC number Green:850052028633

UPC number Purple:850052028053

  • [With American local brand and appearance patent] This is a multi-functional cat toy, a combination of food distribution, track ball and digging hole and other kinds of gameplay. It can better arouse the cat's interest in playing. Not only does it give your cat fun of playing, but it also enhances your cat's intelligence and brain power.
  • [Funny digging hole cat toy] The toy comes with six colored balls and some plastic trees. Put the colored balls into the treasure box to attract cats to dig holes. Insert the plastic trees into the jacks in the box to increase the difficulty and fun of playing with the balls.You can put the ball into the track between the box and the base plate, and the colored ball will roll along the track with the cat's prodding. The fast rolling ball will greatly arouse the cat's interest in chasing it.
  • [Gameplay of difficulty level-1 and level-2 ] Put cat food cups in the round holes on the top cover, and put the cat food into the cups for the cat to find food so as to improve its intelligence.First, insert the plastic trees into the jacks in the treasure box, and put treat beside the plastic trees. The cat can move the treat to the food outlets around the box and get them out, so that the cat can get food reward in playing, and its brain development is promoted.
  • [Slow eating food dispenser] By putting cat food inside the treasure box or the cat food cup, it can slow down the eating speed of the cat, which helps the cat form a good eating habit, which is beneficial to its gastrointestinal health.
  • [Safe material] The product is made from food-grade ABS without any Bisphenol A, PVC and Phthalates, which completely protects your cat's health. Feel rest assured to use it for your cat.This product is suitable for cats of all sizes.

Color: Green

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TACKDG 2nd Cats Treasure Chest Cat Puzzle Toy for Kitty Brain Stimulation Toys Kitten Food Treat Puzzles Feeder Dispenser Track Balls Mind Mental Stimulation Interactive Indoor

TACKDG 2nd Cats Treasure Chest Cat Puzzle Toy for Kitty Brain Stimulation Toys Kitten Food Treat Puzzles Feeder Dispenser Track Balls Mind Mental Stimulation Interactive Indoor


TACKDG 2nd Cats Treasure Chest Cat Puzzle Toy for Kitty Brain Stimulation Toys Kitten Food Treat Puzzles Feeder Dispenser Track Balls Mind Mental Stimulation Interactive Indoor

Color: Green

This is a perfect cat toy that combines entertainment and puzzle functions. The toy has two difficulty levels, level 1 and level 2, and combines three types of gameplay: track ball, digging hole, and slow feeding. The product consists of one toy main body, four food cups, eight plastic trees, and six small balls, combining multiple entertainment elements, like a box filled with happiness, making cats feel happy during playtime and helping to train their stable personality. Let cats obtain food rewards during the process of using the toy, and they will become smarter! The habit of slow eating can also help obese cats lose excess weight and maintain a healthy digestive system.

This toy is suitable for cats of all sizes and ages to use.

There are many overweight cats in the US. According to data from the American Veterinary Medical Association, about 60% of cats in the US are overweight or obese. This is mainly due to modern pet lifestyle and dietary habits, as well as a lack of proper exercise and activity. Obesity has many negative effects on a cat's health, including diabetes, joint disease, and cardiovascular disease. Therefore, cat owners need to pay attention to controlling their pets' weight and maintaining healthy eating habits. The slow eating function of this product can prolong the time it takes for cats to eat and also control their food intake. It can change the bad habit of cats eating too quickly and prevent them from overeating. Long-term use of this product will lead to a significant weight loss effect for obese cats.


This toy can be used as a cat entertainment toy or as a fitness toy for overweight cats. With this toy, a reasonable diet and exercise plan can be formulated for cats, especially for overweight cats. In addition to the slow eating function, this toy can increase the amount of exercise through play, and achieve better weight loss results. We open the cover of the toy, place the plastic balls inside the inner and outer tracks of the toy, and install the cover back. Now the cat can start playing the digging and track ball game. This kind of entertainment gameplay caters to the cat's hunting nature and is very suitable for cats to consume excess energy. Rolling plastic balls quickly arouse the cat's interest, allowing the cat to move its body. The toy becomes a fitness equipment, and using the toy for exercise will make the cat healthier in the long run by combining eating with exercise.


Firstly, install the 4 food cups at the corners of the toy main body. You can put food into the cups, and your cat needs to dig out the food from the cups. After completing this process, your cat can get a food reward. This gameplay is relatively simple and belongs to level 1 difficulty. It is suitable for cats who are just starting to develop their intelligence. This process can quickly help cats concentrate, enter a calm eating state, and stabilize their personality and emotions.


First, open the top cover of the toy and insert the plastic trees into the holes on the base of the toy. You can adjust the number and placement of the trees as you like. Place the food next to the plastic trees and install the top cover of the toy. Now the cat must first stretch its paw into the toy to touch the food, and then push the food into the outer track of the toy through the inner channel in order to get the food reward.

This level 2 gameplay increases the difficulty and can increase the time that cats spend eating, and is suitable for smarter cats. While getting the food reward, the cat's brain and body will move together, effectively stimulating brain development and making the cat smarter.


The product is made of safe food-grade ABS material without any bisphenol A, PVC, or phthalates. All components of the toy are designed with rounded edges, ensuring protection of your cat's health. You can rest assured to let your cat use this toy. To provide your cat with a safer experience, we have increased the thickness of the toy and added a non-slip pad to the bottom. This allows your cat to play with the toy on any surface, such as tables, carpets, beds, sofas, and floors, without the toy being easily knocked over, even for larger cats.

Product specifications:

Length:14.41 inches

Width: 10.47 inches

Height: 3.15 inches

Weight: 2.43 lbs


Before using the toy, it needs to be assembled. The assembly process is very simple. The installation steps are as follows:

1、The main body of the toy has an upper cover, and there are 2 indicator marks on both sides of it. At the position of the indicator marks, use your hands to pull up forcefully to open the upper cover;

2、Open the packaging box, the base of the toy is divided into 2 parts, then insert the 2 bases together;

3、Install the main body of the toy on the base, and then install the upper cover on the main body to complete the installation;

4、For detailed installation instructions, please refer to the instruction manual included with the product;

5、You can also obtain detailed installation methods through our product demonstration video.