TACKDG Cat Toy Indoor for Cats Interactive Best Kitten Puzzle Toys Seller Kitty Treasure Chest Puzzles Smart stimulating Mental Stimulation Brain

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Difficulty: Level 1

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  • [With American brand and appearance patent] This is a multi-functional fun cat toy, it integrates a rotating cat teasing stick, a super big catnip ball and cat holes and other design elements, which can better pique cats' interest in playing.
  • [Fun cat treasure chest] The toy comes with 2 plastic balls, 1 glow ball, 1 large feather, and 4 fluff balls. You can put the attached accessories into the transparent shell, on which there are cat holes of different sizes, through which cats can play with these balls and feathers within this shell. The owner can also put snacks, jerky, and plush gadgets into this shell, so that cats can play with many different toys in one designated area.
  • [Rotating cat sticks and catnip balls] There are two wavy cat sticks on the top. The cat can rotate the upper part of the toy quickly by patting the cat sticks, arousing the cat's play interest and curiosity. The cat stick has super toughness and elasticity, and will not be damaged by cats. The super big catnip is covered by transparent shell which can be open to attract cats, giving them multiple play pleasures.
  • [Large anti-overturn base and safe material] The toy has a hemispherical base with 4 non-slip rubber pads at the bottom. The toy can be firmly placed at the place where you want the cat to play, and the cat can play with the toy without knocking it over. Non-slip pads will leave no trace after use, and after washing, the pads will remain sticky.
  • [Safe material and perfect after-sales service] The product is free from any Bisphenol A, PVC and Phthalates, but rather made from food-grade ABS. All parts of the toy are rounded in design to fully protect the cat's health, you can rest assured to use it for your cat. We also provide you with a lifetime after-sales service. Any problem with the toy, just click "Contact Us" and we will help you with a replacement or a full refund.

Color: Red

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TACKDG Cat Toy Indoor for Cats Interactive Best Kitten Puzzle Toys Seller Kitty Treasure Chest Puzzles Smart stimulating Mental Stimulation Brain

TACKDG Cat Toy Indoor for Cats Interactive Best Kitten Puzzle Toys Seller Kitty Treasure Chest Puzzles Smart stimulating Mental Stimulation Brain


TACKDG Cat Toy Indoor for Cats Interactive Best Kitten Puzzle Toys Seller Kitty Treasure Chest Puzzles Smart stimulating Mental Stimulation Brain

Color: Red

Have you ever been confused because your cat doesn't like the toy you bought? Do you feel lost because your cat once liked a certain toy and then never played with it again? AAHA (American Animal Hospital Association) and AAFP (American Association of Feline Physicians) point out in the "Feline Life Stage Guidelines" of 2021 that cats experience physical and behavioral changes at different life stages. Elements that interest cats will also be updated constantly as they grow.

This is a toy that integrates various elements that cats like. It is like a cat's treasure box. It is full of interesting toys that make cats happy. It can effectively reduce the cost of pet owners trying to choose toys, because it's a toy that will be loved by almost all cats - out of 68 cats of all ages and characters we tested, 65 showed great interest in this toy, and the toy received 98 % play feedback! You can even DIY this toy by your cat's likes.

The idea of designing this toy was first proposed by our designer Rosset. She has 5 cats home. Because the 5 cats have different characters and ages, Rosset always has a headache when choosing a toy, because she can't find the toy that interests all cats, the toy that meets the play needs of every kitten, and buying more toys is also a big expense for her. During a design meeting, Rosset presented us with her idea - why not design a toy that all cats, or most cats would love? After doing a lot of research and testing, we were lucky enough to find these elements that interest the vast majority of cats and incorporate them into the same toy.

If you are a multi-cat household, or your cat is always picky about toys, then you can definitely try to win their hearts with this toy.



This is a collection of cat toys with a brand-new concept. It is completely different from all single-playing cat toys on the market. It is a toy that combines a variety of cat elements. We designed the toy into a transparent semi-sphere shell, which is convenient for cats to observe the contents inside the toy. It contains 2 large table tennis balls, a glow ball, 3 cotton balls, and a large feather. Almost all cats will show interest in balls and feathers, which is determined by their hunting instinct. The shell of the toy is designed with holes of different sizes, through which the cat can touch the balls and feathers the toy from different angles, increasing the difficulty of playing with the toy and making the cat unable to stop.

This toy is suitable for cats of all sizes and ages, and many cats can play together. Considering the individual differences of cats in personality and age, in order to prevent your cat from not being interested in the above balls and feathers, we have specially designed several larger holes on the transparent shell, so that you can put your cat's favorite elements into the toy, such as paper balls, cloth balls, bells, etc. You can DIY the toy according to your cat's preferences, to create multiple play ways, and increase the playing fun with a variety of play experiences. The capacity inside the toy is enough to put plenty of cat teasing items.



We designed two cat teasing balls on the upper part of the toy, with a specially designed wavy elastic soft rubber stick. The high-toughness design enables the long stick to shake, bend and rebound at various angles. The cat teasing ball can rotate 360 degrees patted by the cat, turning it into a cat disc toy. This design can firmly grasp the cat's sight and let the cat fully release hunting instinct. It only takes a second to fall in love with it!

There is a large rotatable high-condensed catnip ball in the transparent cover on the toy top. Just twist off the transparent top cover, and the cat can enjoy the happiness brought by catnip. Catnip not only has the effect of soothing emotions and promoting digestion, but can also make cats excited and happy, so cats are more receptive to toys. When not using catnip, please tighten up the transparent cover, which can effectively avoid bacterial contamination, so that cats can eat healthy catnip balls every time.

[Please note] Not all cats will be interested in catnip. Dr. Bruce Kornreich from the Feline Health Center of Veterinary College at Cornell University has pointed out that about two-thirds of adult cats show positive reactions due to catnip, but whether your cat belongs to those two thirds, or to the other third who doesn't like catnip, it won't affect your cat's love for this toy at all.



The toy is made from safe ABS material, non-toxic, e.co-friendly, scratch-resistant, and free from bisphenol A, PVC and phthalates, which completely protects your cat's health. It contains no tiny parts, which can prevent cats from eating them by mistake during play. The shape of the toy adopts a safe semi-sphere design, which can effectively prevent the cat from being scratched during play! You can let your cat play without worry. The wavy soft rubber stick made of special material is resistant to bending and not easy to break, and can withstand various damage of cats! The soft stick and toy ball are connected to the body of the toy by clasps, uneasy to fall off, but it requires you to use some strength during installation to make the clasps firmly connected to the toy. You can check it by hand to see if it is firmly connected before using the toy.

Product specifications:






In order to prevent the cat from knocking over the toy while playing, we specially designed the toy with a large base, which maximizes the stability of the toy. This keeps your cat from getting spooked by knocking over the toy, and allows your cat to play freely! There are also 4 non-slip pads to the base of the toy, which makes the toy not only fixed on smooth surfaces such as floors and desktops, but also on carpets, sofas, beds, etc., many places for cats to play happily! You can use this toy on any surface, making it a true partner for your cat anytime, anywhere!

When the new toy arrives home, we suggest that you guide and accompany the cat to play for a while, which can effectively reduce the stress reaction when the cat is exposed to new things, and your cat loves you more through this fun and gentle interaction with you.


  • What if the clasp is not installed firmly?

This requires you to use some strength during installation, press the soft rubber stick toward the toy body until the clasp is firmly connected to the toy body. We recommend that you test it with your hands before using to ensure that the clasp is firmly connected. We have a video to solve this problem in the product listing for you to watch.

  • What if your cat is not interested in new toys?

 Just as we people who are introverted or extroverted, cats are as diverse character as humans. Your baby may be an extroverted and passionate kitten, or he may be an introverted and restrained lovely who is calm and slow to warm. So if your cat doesn't show special interest when he first sees the toy, it could be due to personality. We suggest you leave the toy where your cat usually stays and give him some time to get used to it. Trust me, it only takes 1 to 2 days for your cat to love this toy, and if you often interact with him by using this toy, it will make him love you even more!