KADTC Dog Tower/Balls Slow Feeder Puzzles Bowl Adjustable Food Dispensing Toys Brain Mental Stimulation Treat Dispenser Feeding Indestructible Toy Only for Medium/Large Dogs Aggressive Chewers Breed

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Size: L

Difficulty: Level 1

UPC number Red:850052028206

  • [With American local brand and appearance patent] This toy is designed for large and ultra-large dogs, which integrates the tumbler, adjustable food dispensing difficulty and other functions. The toys can slow down the eating speed of pets, and correct the bad habit of some dogs eating too fast, so that they can develop the slow eating habits, which can better protect their gastrointestinal health.
  • [Specially A Tumbler toy for large dogs] This toy does not use electricity, and it rocking by pets' little touch, and will not be overturned no matter how to shake it, which increases the fun of playing.This toy is the extra large size, which can hold more food and can meet the needs of large dogs for a long time playing without frequent adding food, so that pets can fully enjoy playing.
  • [Adjustable food dispensing function] The toy has a built-in rotatable food dispensing regulator, which has 3 settings (low, medium and high). It supports 95% of pet food sizes on the market. The opening of the food dispensing hole can be adjusted by turning the regulator, so as to control the food dispensing speed. Pets will be rewarded with food in playing with the toy, which exercises their brain and body simultaneously and improves their brain development and intelligence.
  • [Safe Design and Material] The product is made of food-grade ABS without any Bisphenol A, PVC and Phthalates, which completely protects the health of your dog, so use it for your dog without concern. The product is strong and durable, and will not be chewed away by pets.
  • [Convenient cleaning] The product can be washed directly with clean water. It is recommended to clean and disinfect it every time after use, which is to conducive to the dog's health. The toy uses a transparent shell, which can clearly observe the food stock in the granary.

Color: Red

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KADTC Dog Tower/Balls Slow Feeder Puzzles Bowl Adjustable Food Dispensing Toys Brain Mental Stimulation Treat Dispenser Feeding Indestructible Toy Only for Medium/Large Dogs Aggressive Chewers Breed

KADTC Dog Tower/Balls Slow Feeder Puzzles Bowl Adjustable Food Dispensing Toys Brain Mental Stimulation Treat Dispenser Feeding Indestructible Toy Only for Medium/Large Dogs Aggressive Chewers Breed


KADTC Dog Tower/Balls Slow Feeder Puzzles Bowl Adjustable Food Dispensing Toys Brain Mental Stimulation Treat Dispenser Feeding Indestructible Toy Only for Medium/Large Dogs Aggressive Chewers Breed

Color: Red

This is a dog food dispensing toy designed specifically for large dogs, which also doubles as a wobble toy. The toy combines multiple functions such as food dispensing, slow feeding, puzzle-solving, and entertainment, and is highly popular with dogs. The toy features a roly-poly toy base design that is not easily damaged by large dogs, ensuring high safety and aesthetics. The product has two sizes of feeding holes and three adjustable dial settings. Rotating the dial changes the number of feeding holes, providing dogs with various levels of difficulty for playing. The toy supports 95% of food sizes and can be used as a daily feeding tool instead of a dog bowl, helping dogs develop good slow feeding habits. When the toy is shaken, food comes out of the feeding holes, providing a food reward for dogs during playtime. Regular use of this toy not only makes dogs smarter, but the slow feeding design also helps maintain a healthy digestive system and stable emotions, making it a truly intelligent and healthy toy for dogs! To make the product more cost-effective, we designed the toy as a hard-shell round shape that uses durable, wear-resistant materials, and the round shell also prevents large dogs from biting the toy, providing maximum protection for the toy and reducing repeat expenditures on pet toys for the owner.

Note: This toy is specifically designed for large and extra-large dogs, with a relatively large size and weight, so small and medium sized dogs weighing less than 25 pounds are not recommended to use this product.


This toy is designed with an large capacity food granary that can hold approximately 14.04 ounces of food at once, which is enough for large dogs to eat. The large capacity food granary design allows this toy to completely replace traditional dog bowls as a daily feeding tool. The toy features a spiral top cover design that needs to be twisted open to add dog treats, dry food, or other foods that dogs love. It cannot be opened by dogs, nor can it be bitten off. The outer shell of the granary is made of transparent material, allowing pet owners to clearly observe the actual food capacity and create more scientific and healthy feeding plans for the dogs.


We added a rotatable adjustment plate inside the toy, which can change the number and size of the feeding holes, and the feeding speed and difficulty will change accordingly. The adjustment plate can be adjusted in three stages. You can choose to close the feeding holes, use two regular feeding holes, or use two enlarged feeding holes. The feeding holes support 95% of the food sizes. When the dog pushes the toy, the food will come out from the feeding holes at the bottom. This design not only allows the feeding speed of the toy to be changed, but also controls the dog's hunting time and difficulty. By gradually increasing the difficulty level, it can improve the dog's intelligence and effectively prevent digestive problems caused by fast eating. This allows them to play and eat more healthily!

The maximum food size supported by the regular feeding hole is: ≈0.58 in

The maximum food size supported by the enlarged feeding hole is: ≈0.83 in

Please note: Food that exceeds the maximum size or all wet food cannot be used.


The product is made with materials that do not contain any bisphenol A, PVC, or phthalates, fully protecting the health of dogs. It is made of safe and healthy ABS material, which is chew-resistant, scratch-resistant, and durable, and will not deform. You can safely give it to your dog to use. The toy is designed in a round, non-tipping shape, which not only effectively prevents dogs from being scratched during play, but also makes the toy cannot be destroyed by large dogs. We recommend that you clean the product promptly after using, and it can be washed with water. After cleaning, you can use a paper towel to dry it to avoid harmful bacteria and protect your dog's health!

[Product specifications]

Diameter: 7.26 in.

Height: 8.84 in.

Weight: 3.21 lb.


Many dogs have the habit of eating too quickly, and long-term rapid eating can cause gastrointestinal diseases and burden their digestive systems. This toy solves this problem for dogs! Dogs need to use their own brainpower to obtain food rewards, and by adjusting the difficulty level of the toy, their eating time can be increased. These designs greatly delay the speed of dogs' eating, effectively correcting the bad habits of eating too quickly, protecting their digestive systems, and making them healthier. Long-term use can also help dogs develop a stable character and emotions. This product can replace a dog bowl and supports most food sizes, with a maximum food size of 0.83 inches. You can choose the appropriate feeding hole according to the food size and the dog's eating speed.




This toy is designed with a roly-poly toy base that allows it to sway in all directions without tipping over, no matter how much the dog plays with it. This ensures that the toy remains intact and undamaged even after prolonged use. The toy also features a self-balancing system that allows it to sway only when triggered by external forces, without requiring any electrical power. This design ensures that the toy has a longer lifespan and provides greater value for pet owners by reducing their daily expenses. When the dog touches the toy with its nose or paw, the food falls out of the feeding hole like a roly-poly toy. Regular use of this toy can help the dog pass the time, slow down its eating speed, and relieve its boredom and anxiety, promoting both physical and mental health.