KADTC Dog Puzzle Toy Dogs Brain Stimulation Mentally Stimulating Toys Beginner Puppy Treat Food Feeder Dispenser Advanced Level 2 Interactive Games for Small/Medium/Large Aggressive Chewers Breed Gift

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Difficulty: Level 2 IN 1

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  • [American brand and appearance patent] This is an puzzle product that can enhance pet intelligence and promote pet brain development. The difficulty is level 2. Please note: this product is suitable for dogs and cats of all sizes.
  • [Improve dogs IQ by food rewards] It's a disc toy designed with 2 circular tracks. There are multiple tower-shaped barns in the track. We can add dog kibble into these barns. The dog will push the barns with his muzzle or paws. When the barn reaches the outlet, the kibble will slid into 4 food boxes with lids on around the toy. The dog needs to flip open the lids with his muzzle to eat the food inside. This game process enables the dog to think, promote his brain development and improve his IQ.
  • [Dogs prefer spinning games] Dogs and cats like to find food through smells. This toy can keep pets' bodies and brains busy, make them think, and reduce their anxiety. When you teach your dog to use this toy, you will enjoy playing with your pet and increase the bond between you two.
  • [Safe design and raw materials] The product is free from any Bisphenol A, PVC and Phthalates, rather made from food-grade ABS. It completely protects the health of dogs, and you can use it for dogs without worry. It is very easy to clean. Please refer to our product video for the usage.
  • [Can be used as a slow feeding dog bowl] The toy can be used as a dog bowl to slow down his eating speed, to correct the fast eating habit, and a slow eating habit better protects the dog's gastrointestinal health.

Color: Orange

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KADTC Dog Puzzle Toy Dogs Brain Stimulation Mentally Stimulating Toys Beginner Puppy Treat Food Feeder Dispenser Advanced Level 2 Interactive Games for Small/Medium/Large Aggressive Chewers Breed Gift

KADTC Dog Puzzle Toy Dogs Brain Stimulation Mentally Stimulating Toys Beginner Puppy Treat Food Feeder Dispenser Advanced Level 2 Interactive Games for Small/Medium/Large Aggressive Chewers Breed Gift


KADTC Dog Puzzle Toy Dogs Brain Stimulation Mentally Stimulating Toys Beginner Puppy Treat Food Feeder Dispenser Advanced Level 2 Interactive Games for Small/Medium/Large Aggressive Chewers Breed Gift

Color: Orange

Did you know that proper mental exercise can not only improve the dog's IQ, but also promote his health. If your dog after walking him still has situations such as being upset, destroying clothes or furniture, barking randomly, etc, then he needs to improve the level of brain power. Proper mental exercise can shape the dog's personality, making him more composed and can prevent boredom, anxiety and irritability caused by the lack of the owner's companionship on a daily basis.

A study published in the well-known knowledge book "Journal of Animal Cognition" shows that domestic dogs can distinguish toys with specific characteristics by their different senses. Therefore, using puzzle toys to train dogs and promote their brain development in dogs is feasible and necessary.

If you already understand the importance of IQ training for your dog, then this slow-feeding puzzle toy will be what you and your dog need. This is a puzzle toy specially designed to improve the IQ for dogs. Different from common entertainment pet toys, this product allows dogs to become smarter by actively obtaining food rewards, which can cultivate the ability to use their mind. Usually, we divide puzzle toys into four difficulty levels (Level 1 to 4). And this toy is level 2, which is not only suitable for dogs who have just started intellectual training, but also suitable for dogs who have undergone primary intellectual development and who are good at playing with toys. This product can not only be used for playing and improving intelligence, but can also be used as a slow-feeding utensil.

Before buying, be sure to confirm the purpose of your purchase. If you really want to improve your dog's IQ through play, then you should not miss this toy!


Cesar Millan wrote in his book "Short Guide to a Happy Dog" that by giving food rewards, dogs will gradually ignore their instincts and be willing act as we ask for. This is to provide information sources to the dog's limbic system by stimulating his smell and taste, thereby improving the memory function, allowing the dog to better understand his connection to the world.

This product is level 2, which has increased feeding steps and difficulty. It is a dog puzzle toy with high cost performance and high playability. It has two layers, a total of 11 sliding barns and 4 flip-type food boxes for you to add in food. Dogs have two ways to eat the food: slide the barn or flip the lid. When the dog slides the barn to the leak hole, some food will fall into each box, and the dog needs to flip open the lid to eat, which requires the dog to go through 2 steps to obtain food rewards. Compared with products that directly dispense food, this toy is more difficult and can effectively stimulate dog's brain development. The design of multi-step feeding is not only to increase the difficulty for dogs to obtain food, but also to add more fun to the product, so that dogs can use it for a long time without getting bored, and have a strong interest in the toy. Through the food reward to promote the dog to think actively, let the dog become smarter while playing.


The toy allows you to control the time or difficulty of the dog using by changing the number of food boxes. And the boxes are easy to remove or install. We can control the number of boxes according to the dog's intellectual level. The toy has a safe and scientific food dispensing structure, which can prevent the food jams and allow your pets to eat more healthily and safely! The food box will be fixed in the track during use, uneasy to go off from the toy, and will not be chewed up by the dog and then hurt the his mouth, which can extend its service life and reduce your spending on pet toys.

This product is totally made from food-grade polypropylene without any bisphenol A, PVC and phthalates, which completely protects the health of dogs. It adopted the rounded and smooth design without any sharp edges, which can effectively prevent the dog from scratching himself during playing and licking, and protect the his oral safety. You can feel rest assured to let the dog play with it.


Diameter: 15.5 ins

Height: 2.48 ins

Weight: 1.41 lbs


In order to prevent the dog from knocking over the toy, or being pushed around by the dog. We added 4 non-slip stickers to the bottom of the toy, which can stick onto the floor so that the toy won't move. The toy can be removed from the floor when not in use and there will not be any sticky marks on the floor. This function allows pets to play in the area you designate. The sticker can be washed with water after use, and will not lose its stickiness, and can be reused many times. Toys can be washed with water directly after use, which is very convenient.

[Please pay attention when using]

1. Do not use stickers on the dusty floor, which will weaken the function and life of the stickers.

2. We recommend that you rinse the toy every time after the dog plays with it to avoid the breeding of bacteria due to the dog's saliva.


The product adopts a thickened design with non-slip rubber pads, which allows the toy not only to be used in smooth scenes such as floors and desktops, but also non-smooth surfaces such as carpets where dogs can also play happily! You can use this toy on any surface to make your dog smarter anytime, anywhere!

The product is medium in size and can be used by dogs of all sizes and ages. In addition to the function of improving IQ, regular use of this product can also help dogs pass the boring time, relieve loneliness and anxiety, and there is no problem with multiple dogs using it together!

We suggest that when the new toy arrives home, you can guide and companion your dog to play for a period of time. You only need to play with him for 20-30 minutes every day, which will not only enhance the fun of raising a dog, but also make your dog love you more. The master & pet interaction can also effectively prevent dogs from depression due to lack of companionship.

What if the dog can't play with this toy?

You can adopt the correct training method, which may require some patience. First of all, you need to let the dog understand where the food is hidden in the toy. When you use it for the first time, you can help the dog to slide and flip open the lid, so that the dog can see the food exactly, and let the dog realize that he needs to use his muzzle or claws to open the lid to get food. We have a video tutorial to solve this problem in the listing for your reference. But if your dog is still can't use this toy, then we suggest you lower the difficulty level for him, and starting with a level-1 difficulty toy is a good choice.

 Please note before use:

When we launch the product, we will let our professional dog trainer PETER teach dogs to use this toy in our product video. I hope you can watch the video tutorial carefully in the listing and learn how to teach your dog to use this toy.

 What if the dog is tired of playing?

Because this toy is a level 2 difficulty product, we recommend it to dogs who have undergone primary intellectual development, or dogs who are very good at playing with toys. Just like developing the intelligence of young children, the intellectual development of dogs also requires a step-by-step process, so when your dog learns to use this product, it means that he has got a ticket to be smarter and needs more difficult toys to challenge. If your dog has mastered the play of this toy quickly, then congratulations on having a very smart dog, and you can also prepare a level-3 difficulty toy for him!

 What if the dog doesn't like playing with toys?

In addition to guiding or demonstrating the correct way to play this toy to the dog, you can also give the dog appropriate rewards after he playing with the toy, which will make him find that playing with the toy is a happy thing! If your dog is very timid, then you need to be more patient and try to teach him that the toy are safe and fun to play with. Trust me, just give your dog some time to get used to this toy and he will love it!