KADTC Dog Puzzles Feeder Toy Puppy Food Dispenser Toys Treat Dispensing Balls Doggy Feeding Tumbler Ball For Interactive Indoor Medium/Small Dogs Pet Slow Ball Birthday Gift

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  • [With the American local brand and patented appearance] The toy is a puzzle toy that can be used by both small and medium-sized dogs. The toy adopts an interesting tumbler design. Pets can get food by playing with the toy and comprehensively use their vision, smell, touch, taste and hearing. It can mobilize pets body and brain at the same time, and promote their brain development while meeting their food desire, and make the dog feel the synchronized pleasure of body and mind.
  • [A puzzle toy for dogs use] We combine the dogs’ instinct for food with the characteristics of brain development to enable them to obtain food during game play and improve their intelligence. On top of the toy is a transparent granary, where you can add kibbles or treats in. When the dog pushes the toy, treats will drop out, increasing the fun of the toy, and he can get food rewards while playing with the toy, so as to continuously improve his intelligence.
  • [Slow eating protects your pet's gastrointestinal health] This toy is suitable for small and medium-sized dogs.Regular use of the toy will help pets develop a slow eating habit. Especially for dogs, slow feeding will activate the parasympathetic nervous system after eating, which not only further promotes their brain development, but also enhances the digestive activity, thus ensuring their gastrointestinal health.
  • [Adjustable food dispenser rate and safe design] There is an adjustment pick on the toy side, which can open/close 1 or two food leak holes to control the food dispensing rate. The slower the food dropping rate, the more difficult to obtain food. Or shut off this food dispensing function by this pick. Made from food-grade ABS and contains no bisphenol A, PVC or phthalates, the toy is completely safe for your dog to use.
  • [Lifetime Replacement assurance]This is a toy designed for small and medium sized dogs and puppies of large dog pairs. If you have a large dog or cat, you can refer to other popular products in the store. We assure a lifetime replacement. If there is a problem with the product, just click "Contact Us" and we will provide you with a replacement or refund.

Color: Red

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KADTC Dog Puzzles Feeder Toy Puppy Food Dispenser Toys Treat Dispensing Balls Doggy Feeding Tumbler Ball For Interactive Indoor Medium/Small Dogs Pet Slow Ball Birthday Gift

KADTC Dog Puzzles Feeder Toy Puppy Food Dispenser Toys Treat Dispensing Balls Doggy Feeding Tumbler Ball For Interactive Indoor Medium/Small Dogs Pet Slow Ball Birthday Gift


KADTC Dog Puzzles Feeder Toy Puppy Food Dispenser Toys Treat Dispensing Balls Doggy Feeding Tumbler Ball For Interactive Indoor Medium/Small Dogs Pet Slow Ball Birthday Gift

Color: Red

This is a dog food dispenser puzzle toy with many functions and play ways. It uses a new design concept that combines intellectual development with slow feeding. It allows the dog's body and brain to work at the same time to promote his intellectual development while receiving food rewards. The adjustable leak hole and the internal food barrier posts not only allow the owner to adjust the amount and difficulty of the food dispensing, but also slow down the eating speed of the dog to ensure his gastrointestinal health.

Before producing this toy, we studied the existing food dispenser toys on the market, and adjusted our design many times according to the users’ feedbacks. Eventually we made our product into a food dispenser puzzle toy with slow feeding and entertainment functions. We designed two adjustable food leak holes for the toy, which is a perfect upgrade. Traditional toys have only one leak hole and can't adjust the food dispensing speed, but our toy not only increased the fun but also make the difficulty and speed of food dispensing adjustable. It is a toy that can really make dogs smarter and healthier during playtime. In addition, we have also improved its `appearance. Most of the food dispenser toys in the market are soft and easy to be bitten by dogs. Owners need to change toys for their dogs frequently, which greatly increased their expenditure on toys. In order to make the product more cost-effective, we design the toy into a rounded shape with a hard shell, using the bite-resistant and wear-resistant materials. So, it can prevent the dog from chewing up the toy, and prolong its service life. This toy not only makes the dog happy, but also helps the owner save money on pet toys.


In order to increase the fun in dogs playing, this toy adopted a "tumbler" design, which allows the toy to wobble to all directions without tipping over, no matter how the dog fidgets with it. This design only allows the dog to play more safely, but also stimulates his curiosity and the desire to win, making him unwilling to stop playing with the toy. The built-in self-balancing system makes the toy shake only when it is touched by external forces. It doesn’t need electric power to drive the toy. This energy-saving and design also ensures that the toy can be used for a long time. The dog only needs to touch the toy with his paws or nose, and the tumbler toy will shake. Regular use of this toy not only helps the dog to pass boredom, but also eases anxious mood.


Throughout the development of pet toys over the years, we can find that toys that allow pets to gain rewards through play have always been the most popular products in the market. Cesar Millan's in his work "Short Guide to a Happy Dog" also mentioned that by rewarding dogs, they will gradually ignore their instincts and become willing to do what we want them to. This provides information to dogs’ limbic system by stimulating their sense of smell and taste, thus improving their memory function, allowing them to better understand their connection to the world. It seems that the way dogs get food rewards through play is crucial in their intellectual development.

The toy has a transparent granary. Unlike other food dispenser toys on the market, you need to unscrew the cover of the granary to add dog's favorite treats, such as freeze-dried or kibbles inside. The cover won't be opened, let alone being chewed broken. The transparent shell also gives you a clearer view of the amount of food available, making it easier to plan a more scientific and healthy diet for your dog.

When the dog shakes the toy, kibbles will fall out from the two bottom holes, which can be controlled by the side switch to open one or two holes to adjust the speed and difficulty of food dropping, and the leak holes are compatible with most food sizes. This design not only changes the feeding speed, but also controls the timing and difficulty of the “hunting”, and you can increase the difficulty of the game play according to the performance of the dog in a phased manner to improve his intelligence. We also set up a labyrinth of food barrier posts inside the granary, which means as the toy shakes, kibbles will pass through many barriers to drop form food leak holes. Under the double check of barrier posts and food leak holes, it can effectively avoid indigestion caused by fast feeding, so that he can play happily and eat more healthily.



The product adopts self-balancing design, and the bottom is a semi-circular sphere, which allows the toy to be used not only on smooth surfaces like the wood floor and marble floor, smooth scenes, but also on carpet, dog house and other non-smooth surfaces that all become a happy playground for dogs. You can use this toy on any flat surface to make it a true companion toy for your dog.

We suggest that when your dog newly starts to plays the toy, you can guide him to play for a period of time. Playing for 20 to 30 minutes with your dog everyday will make your dog love you more and make you feel the fun of owning a dog. It also helps prevent his depression caused by lack of company.


The toy is made from food-grade polypropylene, which does not contain any bisphenol A, PVC or phthalates. It completely protects your dog's health and is completely safe for your dog to use. Made from safe ABS & PP material, it is strong and wear-resistant. We also designed the toy with rounded corners, which not only prevents the dog from scratching himself during playing and gnawing, but also protects the dog's mouth and paws from abrasion. This design also allows the toy to "escape" when the dog chews the toy, which effectively extends its service life. The toy overall has no tiny parts, which avoids mistake eating by the dog during playtime. Therefore, you can rest assured to let the dog play.

Product specifications





The maximum size of treats supported by the leak hole: 0.78 ins



We recommend small and medium sized dogs use this product, for its smaller size is more suitable for them to use. In addition, the material of this toy is strong enough to resist the bite force and grasping force of these sized dogs. They can not damage the toy, so you can rest assured to let your dog use it. But if you have a large sized dog, the toy may be too small him who will easily lose interest in it, and his powerful bite force will easily destroy the toy.

Please note: We usually refer to adult dogs that weigh 23 pounds or less as small sized, those from 24 to 65 pounds as medium sized, and from 66 to 110 pounds as large sized dogs.


  • What if the dog can’t play with this toy?


You can train your dog properly to understand that shaking the toy will cause food to fall out, a process that may require some patience. We recommend you use the demo approach. Take his paw with your hand to touch the toy, the falling treats will quickly attract his attention, and after repeated training, he will understand the correct way to use this product. We have a video to solve this problem in the product details for you can watch and refer to.


  • What if the dog doesn't like to play with this toy?


You can guide or be show the correct play way of this toy to your dog, and you can also reward him with food when he plays with it. So that your dog will know playing the toy is a fun thing. If your dog is very timid, then you need to be more patient and try to teach him that his toy is safe to have fun with. Trust me, just give him some time to get used to this toy and he will love it. We have put the usage video on the details page for your reference.